Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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This is a development site for microeconomic content that is targeted at a professional audience who has had no prior experience with economics or had it so long ago that in effect its all been forgotten. While the style of presentation and use of technology is part of what distinguishes the site, there are also some unique ways that the content is developed and exposited.

Unlike usual blogs, where posts are arrayed in reverse chronological order, here there are Chapters (labels) for a set of posts that should be read together and which are ordered so they can be read by scrolling down. (The times of the posts have been set appropriately to achieve this effect.) So there are similarities to the way a virtual book is organized. However, across chapters the times of the posts need not reflect the chapter orders. Use the chapter links to navigate to the desired posts.

The chapters either contain an essay, written as a sequence of posts, with font color coded to simulate Q&A and side remarks that drift from the main track, or analytic presentation done in Excel. At the end of each chapter there is either some discussion question posed or some additional analytic exercises that could be used as homework. Following that there is some extension or critique, done as a brief talking head video.

This is a work in progress. Chapter headings might change. Once they get to where I like them reasonably, they should be more stable.

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