Monday, January 10, 2011

Introduction of Videos and Other Content

Below are a bunch of videos related to this Excel workbook, which is designed in the same style as the workbook I made for the Edgeworth box. This means there are controls to do "experiments" of a sort - change a parameter of the economic environment and see what happens. But there is no assessment done as in my Supply and Demand and Shifts workbooks. I have been making assessments in Moodle - mainly using the "matching" question type. This is less desirable in regard to making the total package dialogic, but for creating these things it is much more do-able in real time. That matters. I'll get a chance to see how students react to this content fairly soon and might post something to this site or to my other blog after I've learned more about that.

I am not posting the Moodle assessments, at least for the time being. I want to have taught the course at least once first before I start sharing the assessment content publicly. It is my intention to share them eventually. In the meantime, please contact me directly if you'd like to get a copy.

After the videos (the transcripts of which are also available), I've also posted an essay on interpretations and application of the demand and supply elasticity concept. There is also an aloud reading of this essay. The intent is to help give students an intuitive understanding of these concepts and to apply the ideas in an environment that they've surely already thought about.

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